Mystical Pawprints was established in 2017 by me (Sharlene Thoma) and the dogrectors Sir ET, Sir Gomez,  Sir Mozi, Lady Scarlett and Lady Pepa.

Meet the Board of Dogrectors

Sir ET

Sir Gomez

Senior CEO

Sir Mozi

Play Director

Lady Scarlett

Design Editor

Lady Pepa

Fashion Guru

My love for my pets is the heart and soul behind Mystical Pawprints. Through spending time with my pets I came to understand the importance of having clean, well groomed pets and thus founded a pet grooming company.

Meet the team

Godfrey   –   Theresa   –   Thom

Pet owners trust us to look after the needs of their beloved companions. We are specialists committed to delivering the highest of grooming care and affection.

Advantages of having a groomer closely related to a Vet

Early warning regarding skin problems

A groomed pet is easier for a vet to work with

A holding area for customers with time constraints

A quick pre-assessment by a Vet regarding skin, ear or dental infections.

Assessment of animals temperature

Advantages of having a well groomed pet.

Less shedding, easier to have in the home.

Pets smell great.

Regular visits may result in early detection of health issues.

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